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Lobster just tastes better when traveling the coastline of the smallest state in the union. But if you want to get the best sea bug and visit some truly magnificent lighthouses in Newport, it’s imperative you have a license to drive a motor vehicle. But first you’ll need to take a DMV written test, and while you may think you know what every sign on the road looks like, a refresher might not be such a bad thing. That’s why we have everything set, exactly the way they’ll ask on the learner’s permit or driver’s license exam. In addition, if you need confidence while coasting into the RI DMV, we have a cheat sheet and information on every possible thing you need. If you want to pass the first time -- here’s the best place to look.

If you want to make some money trucking school kids on field trips in Providence, or driving groceries in Narragansett, you will need your Rhode Island commercial driver’s license (CDL). After paying $10 to take the written exam you’ll want to be prepared to ace it the first time. That’s where we come in. We have test prep marathons, with questions that will cover everything you’ll see on your exam. In addition we have heat sheets to assist in any endorsement including passenger and school busses, doubles/triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, or air brake restriction removal. With our studying resources, you will feel confident when you go to the RI DMV.

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Rhode Island Driver’s License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my RI Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What age should I be before applying for a Rhode Island driver’s license?

    In the state of Rhode Island, you must be at least 16 years old in order to get a permit.
  • What documents should I take with me when I apply for my Rhode Island license?

    When you go to apply for your first Rhode Island license there are a few documents you will need to take with you. First, you must take proof that you have had at least 33 ½ hours of drivers education approved by the Community College of Rhode Island. Once you pass your knowledge test, you will be given a certificate. You will take your certificate along with your birth document, social security card and driver’s license application to a local DMV branch.
  • How can I become eligible for a Rhode Island learner’s permit?

    To be eligible for a learner’s permit in Rhode Island you must be…
    • 16 years or older
    • Able to supply proof of birth
    • Able to supply proof of Social Security Card
    • Able to have parent(s)/guardian(s) present (if under 18)
    • Able to supply proof of driver’s education
    • Able to supply proof of residence
  • Where do I go to apply for my Rhode Island license?

    Go to your DMV headquarters to take your knowledge test and obtain your permit. Find a list of branches here.
  • How may I contact a Rhode Island DMV office?

    You may contact a Rhode Island DMV office by either checking out their website or by calling them at (401) 462-4368.
  • Who needs to bring me for my written test in Rhode Island?

    A parent or legal guardian must come in order to sign the permit application.
  • Are physicals required when getting a license in Rhode Island?

    No. A physical isn’t required when getting a license in Rhode Island.
  • Does Rhode Island require a vision test before getting a license?

    Yes. You must pass a vision exam before getting a license.
  • Where should I go for my driver’s license picture in Rhode Island?

    You will have your picture taken at the DMV office.
  • How do I apply for my Rhode Island license?

    The first step in applying for your license is getting your learner’s permit. In order to get a permit in Rhode Island you must be at least 16 years old and able to supply:
    • Proof of birth
    • Proof of Social Security Card
    • Proof of driver’s education (if under 18)
    • Proof of residency
  • What’s the next step after I apply for my Rhode Island driver’s license?

    After you get your permit, you should go ahead and schedule your road test. You must hold the permit for at least 6 months. You must also be getting at least 50 hours of driving experience with a supervising driver with 10 of those hours at night.
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Here’s What Other Learners from RI are Saying:

"This website is super helpful, I recommend it to everyone going to take their permit. Read the book, and do the practice exams and make sure you have a pretty good grip on them. Honestly it’s not bad at all, so don’t be nervous, relax practice and go A’s this TEST!!!! Best wishes to everyone!!!!"

Wendy R., Providence, RI
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